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How to fix hole in inflatable pool


In the summer, we need to use the inflatable swimming pool. The inflatable swimming pool has been used for several years, and suddenly there is a hole in it. We can try to patch the hole on it, and it can still be used after patching.


How to fix hole in inflatable pool


We can follow the steps below to repair the holes in the refilling swimming pool:


Step 1. Find the hole above the inflatable pool


We can make some soapy water first, and then sandblast the soapy water evenly on a small area of the inflatable swimming pool. If there are bubbles, we will try again to make sure that there are really holes in this area. If not, continue to find the next area and try until you find the hole above the inflatable pool.


Step 2. Drain the water above the inflatable pool


Once we found the hole in the inflatable pool, we cleaned the area around the hole and drained it for easier patching later.


Step 3. Start tinkering


First pick up a small square block, then apply glue around the block and the hole of the inflatable swimming pool, then glue the block to the hole, and then press it gently with your hands to make sure it is repaired.


After the hole in the inflatable pool is repaired, we leave the inflatable pool for a few days to allow the glue to set completely so that it will not burst when used.


Of course, you can also use other sticky blocks to patch the hole, no matter which method, as long as it can be used normally.