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How to store pool floats


What is a pool float called? A pool float (also known as a pool inflatable, rubber ring, water donut, floatie, inner tube, or, in the US, a lifebuoy) is an inflatable water toy that can be shaped to suit the customer's needs. Pool floats are mainly used in summer, but they are used less after this season. At this time, we will save the pool floats for use next summer, so, how to store pool floats?


how to store pool floats


1. First, wash the pool float and dry it, otherwise the material will easily fade. Let the air out of the pool floats, insert a small stick or something into the air intake, and roll it up, remember to roll it up, not fold it.


2. Pool floats should be stored away from sunlight, oil, acid, hydrocarbons, which will corrode pool floats, and stored in a cool, dry and dark room to avoid danger of moisture accumulation due to pressurization , the liquid may enter the carcass layer through the inner inner liner, which can cause sudden damage to the pool floats.


3. When purchasing pool floats, first check whether the pool floats are marked with information such as the manufacturer, manufacturer's address, contact information, production date, shelf life, etc., and whether there is a 3C certification mark; choose smooth seams, thicker materials, and a sharp contrast between the color and the water surface. Choose a soft and elastic swimming ring on the fabric, so that it has a buffering effect when it collides to avoid injury; when purchasing pool floats, you can choose products with multiple airbag designs and separate inflatable nozzles, so that even if One of the airbags is leaking, and there is enough air to support it. Pay attention to whether the pool floats have a pungent smell.