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Indoor recommendation of Changchun Water Park


Recommendations for indoor fun in Changchun Water Park: Yushui Yuehui in the morning; Daedo Hot Spring Hotel; Saicube Hot Spring Club; Qianyi Hot Spring Resort; , Petal Lounge Chair Pool Floats. Yulong Hot Spring Resort; Guoxin Nanshan Hot Spring; Longyang Hot Spring Swimming Pool; Sea Love Square Water Park, etc.



Yushui Yuehui in the morning: Located in the two areas of Jilin Road and Dongsheng Street, it is a leisure sauna center integrating drama, swimming, rafting, cinema, children's playground, bathing and sauna, and rest tents.


Daao Island Hot Spring Hotel: Indoor hot spring area, outdoor hot spring area, traditional Chinese medicine health care function massage area, beauty treatment, body spa, guest room, lounge, movie room, video game room, KTV singing room, large parent-child amusement park, specialty restaurants, etc. Provide high-quality professional one-stop leisure services to all customers.


Saicube Hot Spring Hotel: Located at No. 8188, Silicon Valley Street, High-tech Zone, Changchun City, the traffic is more convenient than the toll area of the nearby urban expressway Silicon Valley Street. The hotel has a business area of 28,000 square meters. , wedding meetings, boutique supermarkets, snacks, leisure and entertainment as one.


Chuan Hot Spring Resort: Located in Signal Village, along the road from Changchun to Yitong. Chuan Onsen has city hot springs and outdoor temperatures. There are health hot springs and a children's playground area indoors.


Changchun Jichunchuan Hot Spring Resort Hotel: the intersection of Weishan Road and Weiming Street in Chaoyang District, integrating hot spring baths, leisure and entertainment, steamer heating, hot shop dimensions, self-service food, fresh brewing bars, children's music drama water, hotel rooms, business meetings , body spa and other comprehensive forms in one. The hotel has a super large indoor ecological hot spring, which uses pure natural and drinkable hot spring water as the source of moisture, which tastes clear and sweet. A place to cultivate the soul, a peaceful nature, and a new concept of healthy hot springs.


Jiabeiai Children's Water Park: Located at No. 98, Yantai Road, Nanguan District, Changchun City, it is the first indoor constant temperature water park in Changchun City, and there are many first-time water amusement facilities. The children's water park here is seasonal, and children can play here in winter. There are large inflatable water toys, water roller walking balls, inflatable boats and so on.


Bathing Dragon Hot Spring Resort: Changchun's indoor water park and Yulong Hot Spring are also very good. There are not only hot springs, but also many water-related recreational facilities, such as swimming rings, Pool Floats, and Swimming Pool. The water temperature here is just right for playing in winter. There are adult water parks, children's water parks, wave pools, rainbow slides and other water parks in the park.


Guoxin Nanshan Hot Spring: Guoxin Nanshan Hot Spring Hotel is located in Shuangyang District, far away from the urban area, suitable for self-driving. The hot spring is very big~ It is divided into an indoor hot spring area and an outdoor hot spring area. The interior is decorated like a tropical rainforest, and there are various styles of soup pools.


Longyang Hot Spring Swimming Pool: Located on Tiebei 2nd Road, Inertia District, Changchun City, it is an old swimming pool that has been in operation for 16 years. After the acquisition of Golden Flesh Meat Co., Ltd., Longyang Water Ling has become the leading swimming pool in Changchun City. The water temperature and quality have reached the national standard. The water quality of the swimming pool is guided and managed by teachers with more than 10 years of professional water quality treatment experience. The advanced water treatment technology ensures that the water quality of the swimming pool is absolutely up to standard. Ocean's Love Plaza Water Park: Ocean's Love Plaza is one of the largest indoor water parks in Northeast China. There are four major themed amusement facilities in the water park. The comprehensive functional service area of the landscape ocean liner provides tourists with a good cruise accommodation experience. The theme area of the underwater world has a lazy river, a children's paddling pool, a large pool, etc., which can create a fairy-tale adventure kingdom for tourists. Visitors can also enjoy wonderful exotic performances in the Sunshine Coast theme area, and the Burning Desert theme area is full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm.