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Swimming ring is not equal to lifebuoy


In the hot summer, swimming is very popular as a sport that can not only cool off the heat but also keep fit. The swimming ring allows "land ducks" who can't swim to have the opportunity to enjoy the coolness of the water. However, can the swimming ring around your waist really protect you?


Swimming ring is not equal to lifebuoy


Instructions for use in English


On July 1, the reporter came to Gaoqiao Toy City and found that some toy stores and baby products stores on the second and third floors sold swimming rings. Some shop owners even wore the swimming rings with ropes and hung them at the door or in the store. on the ceiling. The reporter found that although the swimming rings here are marked with information such as manufacturers and factory locations, nearly half of the products do not have 3C certification marks, and the instructions for some swimming rings are actually marked in English, Japanese and other foreign languages. In the Walmart South Huangxing Road store, the reporter saw that except for a warning in Chinese, the instructions for the swimming ring on the shelf were all in "foreign language". Unless the swimming ring is exported abroad, it will be marked in English, otherwise it will be marked in Chinese, so that users can better understand the relevant information of the swimming ring.


Swimming ring is a kind of water inflatable toy. According to the "mandatory product certification management regulations", toy products need to obtain 3C certification. According to the "Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China", the products sold must have the Chinese factory name, Chinese factory address, telephone number, license number, production date, Chinese product manual, etc., otherwise they will be regarded as substandard products.


Swimming rings and life buoys are different products


According to industry insiders, although many people confuse swimming rings and life buoys, they are two different products. Swimming rings are water toys, which can only play an auxiliary role in water leisure sports, and are not suitable for use in deep water areas of swimming pools or rivers and seas. Compared with the real lifebuoy, it is too light in weight and difficult to throw accurately; second, it has poor compressive ability and is easy to break and leak; third, the plastic surface will become slippery and difficult to grasp when it encounters water.


The lifebuoy is a kind of water lifesaving equipment. The production process is complicated and the requirements are stricter. For example, the core material of the ring body is made of closed-cell foam material, that is, polystyrene material, which is wrapped with glass fiber cloth and coated with three layers of phenolic resin, and then wrapped with canvas and painted with several layers of paint. The lifebuoy body must have fluorescent strips to facilitate rescue.


In addition, swimming rings have a shelf life. Under normal circumstances, the safe use life of general swimming rings is two to three years. A swimming ring that exceeds this period is like a car that has exceeded its scrapped age. Even if it is not damaged, it cannot be used.


Swimming rings with thicker materials are relatively safe


"My sister is fine as long as she has a blue swimming ring, but I mainly see that it is full of air." This is the criterion for Changsha citizen Ms. Tan to choose a swimming ring. In fact, when choosing the style of the swimming ring, citizens should choose a color that is bright and contrasting with the water surface. At the same time, the inflation of the inflatable swimming ring should not be too much, and there should be room for the air in the ring to flow, preferably 80% inflated, and this should be paid more attention to when the weather is hot.


What problems should the public pay attention to when buying swimming rings? The reporter consulted the staff of the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce. He said that when citizens buy swimming rings, they should first check whether the name of the swimming ring factory, factory location, production date, etc. are complete; touch the swimming ring with hands to see whether it has a certain thickness, and whether the seams are smooth; For thick swimming rings, you cannot buy "three noes" products, and ask for and save invoices for future rights protection. If the public finds "three no" products, they can complain to the industry and commerce department.


Citizens must keep in mind that swimming rings are only water toys, and do not use them as life-saving equipment; parents should accompany children when using the swimming rings; the swimming rings should be dried and stored after use, otherwise they will be easily affected by mildew and deterioration. be used twice; pay attention to the safe use period of the swimming ring, and the swimming ring that exceeds the limit cannot be used.


Swimming ring is not equal to lifebuoy


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