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Swimming ring is not equal to lifebuoy, citizens should choose carefully


In hot summer, many citizens choose swimming as a way to cool off.


Swimming ring is not equal to lifebuoy


The reporter found that many swimming pools in the urban area and the swimming pools of the fitness clubs in the community are full of people. Many citizens and children who can't swim like to bring a swimming ring to ensure safety. However, in the process of swimming, the phenomenon of the rupture of the swimming ring occurs from time to time, and many swimming rings sold on the market are "three-no" products.


A wide variety of swimming rings are "three no" products


On the 15th, the reporter visited and found that there are many swimming rings of various specifications in many sports stores, baby products stores and swimwear stores in the urban area.


In a swimwear shop in the urban holiday square, the reporter saw that all kinds of swimming rings with bright colors and different specifications were strung together and hung in a conspicuous position in the store. The swimming rings for babies from ten months old to adults Swimming circles vary.


These swimming rings have product labels, which are marked with the manufacturer's information, product specifications, safe use years, etc. In the conspicuous part of the circle, there is also a warning saying "non-life-saving tools, please use parents to monitor and use". However, although these swimming rings are marked with information such as manufacturer and factory address, nearly half of the products do not have 3C certification marks.


Later, the reporter visited some stores in the urban area and found that many jewelry stores and lattice shops are selling swimming rings, and the price ranges from 10 yuan to 30 yuan.


The reporter picked up a few swimming rings and found that although the safety tips were also marked on it, the manufacturer and production date were not found. When the reporter asked about the outer packaging, the shop owner said, "There is no outer packaging for something that costs dozens of dollars."


During the interview, most citizens said that they would not pay attention to the label annotations on the swimming ring, as long as the swimming ring does not leak air.


On, the reporter saw that swimming rings are dazzling in terms of style and price. The cheap ones are only 8.5 yuan, while the expensive ones are sold for several hundred yuan. However, in the product description of some swimming rings, except for the material of the swimming ring, there is no information about the manufacturer and production date at all.


Swimming ring is not equal to lifebuoy


It is understood that the swimming ring is a water inflatable toy. According to the "Compulsory Product Certification Management Regulations", toy products need to obtain 3C certification. According to relevant laws and regulations, the products sold must have the Chinese factory name, Chinese factory address, telephone number, license number, production date, Chinese product manual, etc., otherwise they will be regarded as substandard products.


"Although many people confuse swimming rings with life buoys, in fact, they are two different products." A swimming coach in an urban swimming pool who did not want to be named said that swimming rings are water toys and can only play a role in The protective effect is dangerous when brought to deep water or natural rivers and seas.


The swimming coach told reporters that many people confuse swimming rings with life buoys. Compared with real life buoys, swimming rings are too light in weight, difficult to throw accurately, and have poor pressure resistance, which is easy to break and leak. bring potential danger. The lifebuoy is a kind of water life-saving equipment. In order to facilitate and ensure rescue, the production process is more complicated and the requirements are more stringent. In addition, the swimming ring has a shelf life. Under normal circumstances, the safe use period of the general swimming ring is two to three years. The swimming ring that exceeds the period cannot be used even if it is not damaged.


Swimming ring


The swimming coach reminded the public that when buying a swimming ring, first, check whether the name of the swimming ring, factory site, production date, etc. are complete, and then touch the swimming ring with your hand to see if it has a certain thickness; secondly, it also depends on the seams. Whether the area is smooth, etc., try to buy swimming rings with thicker materials, and do not buy "three-no" products.