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Various styles of pool floats that will make you want to rest all summer


There's no better place to cool off on a hot day than on a pool float. Coming into summer 2022, the following brands are taking design to the next level. As you'll soon discover, the unique styles are endless, and there's something for everyone. Whether it's your favorite animal or something else, it probably already has an inflatable. We have listed some of the absolute best pool floats that you can experience for yourself. There's sure to be at least one float you can't resist. These pool floats are sure to have a style you like.



1.Mushroom Pool Float

Show it off at your next pool party and it will no doubt be an unforgettable one. Four-person inflatable with four cup holders and a mesh sunshade. Dome pool float can be batched. Mushrooms are all over home decor these days, so why not bring this theme to the pool?


pool floats


2.Super transparent lounge chair

Use it to feel what it's like to hover over the water, or place it on sand or grass for a fun photo.


pool float


3.Leaf Cushion Pool Float

It looks like a giant monstera leaf.


Leaf Cushion Pool Float


4.Golf Cart Pool Float

For the ultimate flotation experience, relax in a golf cart. It has a detachable fringed mesh sunshade, two cup holders and a dual cooling compartment. What more do you need?


pool floats


5.Oyster Shell Pool Float

This is the dream pool float.

Oyster Shell Pool Float


6.Peacock Pool Float

Vibrant peacock buoys allow you to show off your items on the water.


Peacock Pool Float


7.Yacht swimming pool floating

If you've ever wished you could hang out on a yacht with a bottle of champagne, now is your chance -- well, kind of.

Yacht swimming pool floating

8.Angel Wings Pool Float

An angel's wing floater is big enough to stretch out, and it makes for an eye-catching photo.


9.Shark floating

Shark floating

You can have your shark pool float and play shuizhong to your heart's content.


10.Tropical Tahiti floating island pool float

It's a float with plenty of room for six people to rest and plenty of built-in cup holders, so you and your friends can enjoy summer swimming to the fullest.

Tropical Tahiti floating island pool float


11.Barbie Retro Convertible Pool Float

Now you can drive into the sunset in your retro convertible—or at least, float in the sun.

Barbie Retro Convertible Pool Float


12.Pink Bottle Pool Float

With this pool float, you can also drink and rest on it.

Pink Bottle Pool Float


13.Giant LED lights up swans floating

If night swimming is your thing, the LED swan will keep you afloat after dark.

Giant LED lights up swans floating


14.Rose Gold Flamingo Pool Float

This is your standard giant flamingo pool float, but more stylish.


Rose Gold Flamingo Pool Float

15.Barbie private jet Pool Float

If you can't take a private jet, float one.

Barbie private jet Pool Float