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What aids to use for swimming


With the improvement of living standards, people are no longer satisfied with material life, and spiritual life has also been more advocated, especially various fitness exercises, such as swimming. Summer is the best time for swimming. Swimming not only makes a person physically stronger, but also improves cardiopulmonary function. When swimming, we need to use more swimming aids so that we can enjoy more happiness when swimming. So, what aids do you use for swimming?


Swimming ring


1. Swimming ring


The swimming ring can help people who can't swim to swim better. You can put your hands on the swimming ring in the swimming ring, which is not only safe, but also there will be no fear when learning to swim.


When buying swimming rings, we must choose swimming rings with good materials, such as PVC and rubber. Generally, the swimming rings of these two materials are relatively better.


There are different styles of swimming rings, Glitter Flamingo Tube inflatables, Glitter Pool Cooler float, Glitter Mermaid Tube pool inflatables, these three are better swimming rings, very beautiful in appearance, very suitable for adults and children.




2. Goggles


This mainly depends on the appearance, and the appearance is slightly different in different applications. In addition, the mirror can be divided into two types: coated and non-coated. The coated one can filter ultraviolet rays better, and the surface looks more cool. If you only swim indoors, you can choose a mirror without coating, and the sight will be brighter.


1). Lens clarity. When choosing swimming goggles, the first thing we should look at is the clarity of the lens. Before everyone buys swimming goggles, they put them on their eyes first, and look at the outside, and the difference between you and you without swimming goggles. As long as there is a difference, blurring or changes in distance, zooming in and out, it is abnormal. Except for adding pressure to your eyes, there should be no change in other things.


2). Water ingress problem. After wearing swimming goggles, everyone will be more concerned about whether it will enter the water. Generally speaking, this is actually a problem with the use of swimming goggles. As long as it fits your eyes, it will not enter the water. So how do you know if swimming goggles are right for you? Very simple, ordinary glasses, there are big frames, small ones, round ones, oval ones, and everything else. Choose according to your eye socket. When you don't know what to choose, choose the one with the largest frame. Then be sure to buy one with an apron. You can use a very simple method, put the swimming goggles on your two eyes, apply a little pressure, and it can be completely adsorbed on your eyes, then there is basically no problem. If it cannot be absorbed, it means that it is relatively hard to rely on the strength of the swimming goggle strap to tighten it.


3). Workmanship of flat lenses. Having said that, measuring the workmanship of the lens is the most important thing. Introduce a method to judge the quality of plain glasses. Take the swimming goggles you bought and refract a fluorescent lamp on your swimming lenses. When your eyes see your lenses, a fluorescent lamp is refracted in your lenses. This fluorescent lamp is the basis of straight lines. The upper lens is flat, it is flat and has no thickness, and it will not appear to be enlarged or reduced.


Swimming cap


3. Swimming cap


The role of swimming cap:


1). Prevent hair loss, pollute the pool water, and keep the pool water hygienic. In addition, when you swim, your hands will not get tangled in your hair.


2). After wearing a swimming cap, the resistance is small.


3). Most of the swimming caps are brightly colored, which is convenient for lifeguards on the shore to find.


4). The plastic swimming cap can prevent the hair from being in too much contact with the pool water. There is bleach in the pool water, which will damage the hair. If you swim frequently without a plastic swimming cap, your hair will turn yellow.


5). It can keep warm in winter and play a good role in keeping the joints warm.


According to the material of the swimming cap, the more common swimming caps are spandex swimming caps, rubber swimming caps, and silicone swimming caps.


1). Nylon material is characterized by good ductility, no head, and more colors. The disadvantage is that it is not waterproof and has high resistance in water. Generally, few people choose nylon swimming caps anymore, and more female swimmers will use this material as a "head cover" to cover their long hair, and then put a silicone swimming cap on the outside . It's relatively rare now, so I won't post pictures, and I don't recommend everyone to buy it.


2). Composite material, the inside is still nylon, and the outside is a layer of silicone coating. Combining the characteristics of nylon swimming cap with a tight head and silicone swimming cap with waterproof characteristics, it is currently the style favored by some junior swimmers. It can be worn when learning to swim or training, but the performance in water is still not as good as that of pure silicone swimming caps.


3).Silicone material, completely waterproof, low resistance in water, full of professionalism. Can be worn for both training and competition.


What aids to use for swimming


4. Pool Floats


Pool Floats are useful aids that are more commonly used in summer. You can lie on various Pool Floats to enjoy the happiness brought by the sun, or lie on them to rest. These Pool Floats are made of high-quality PVC material, which has a very good performance in terms of safety and buoyancy.


There are many styles of Pool Floats now, such as Round Pillow-back Float, Nice Strip Pool Float Lounges, Petal Lounge Chair Pool Floats, Inflatable Rainbow Cloud Mat, etc. These Pool Floats can give you a good swimming experience in summer.


What aids to use for swimming


5. Small Swimming Pool


There is also a small Swimming Pool, made of high-quality PVC material. This Swimming Pool is very suitable for children to swim in it, so that your children can cultivate the fun of swimming from an early age, and give them more swimming happiness.


The above is a temporary introduction to 5 swimming aids, which are more commonly used. If you want to know more swimming tools, please contact Kottoyi manufacturer, with more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing swimming tools, to help you experience more swimming fun in swimming.