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What are pool floats and who are pool floats suitable for


Swimming float is a swimming air bag that floats on the water surface and flows with the water, and can be dragged over to rest when you experience cramps or lack of physical strength during swimming. The air bag has an air inlet and has an airtight effect.


What are pool floats


The orange color is more eye-catching, and it is one of the important safety equipment for outdoor swimming.


Swimming floats need to be tied around the waist, and the floats are out of the water. The floats are enough to support a person's weight in the water and will not affect the swimmer's swimming. However, this thing cannot be used by those who cannot swim.


Swimming buoy is also known as swimming buoy, airfoil floating bag, swimming floating bag, swimming drifting bag.


Who are pool floats suitable for?


The following situations are often encountered when swimming. In the following situations, pool floats can be used. The color of the pool floats is orange, to warn passing boats to avoid them when swimming outdoors (orange in the water is more eye-catching than other colors).


1. Leg cramps when swimming;


2. Choking when swimming;


3. Weakness when swimming;


4. Swimming too far from shore;


5. Supplement food or water when swimming.


You can grab the swimming float and press it into the water to take a rest with the help of buoyancy. After the discomfort is eliminated and your physical strength recovers, you can continue swimming. Pool floats are ideal when you are swimming.