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Can a bike pump inflate a pool float


As soon as summer arrives, many people like to take pool floats to swim in the pool or in the river. But the pool float generally needs to be inflated to float in the water, so the first thing we need to consider is to fill the pool float with air. Many people like to inflate the pool float with their mouths, but this is tiring and takes a long time, so we usually think of bicycle inflators in our homes. So, can a bike pump inflate a pool float?


Can a bike pump inflate a pool float


If the air nozzle on the swimming ring is just suitable for the bicycle pump, then the larger model can be used to inflate the pump. Those small swimming rings are not necessary. It can be done by blowing directly with the mouth, but it will be more tiring. , so if you have a bicycle inflator at home, it is recommended to use an inflator to make it easier.


How to inflate a pool float?


First of all, you have to gently pull out the inflatable door of the pool float to make it protrude on the surface of the pool float, open the plug, and then use a pump to insert the air nozzle into the inflation port and inflate it. To avoid accidents, the pool float should not be overfilled or filled with high pressure gas.


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How to inflate the pool float?


After the pool float is full of air, it is necessary to cover the soft plug of the pool float in time to prevent air leakage.


If the pool float is placed for too long, the phenomenon of slow degassing will occur, so it is necessary to have sufficient air before use.


Of course, if there are other better inflatable equipment can also be used.