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Essential Summer Pool Tools - For Endless Pool Fun


The blue sky and sunshine in summer always draw people flocking to the swimming pool for a cool and relaxing time. Want to make your pool experience more enriching and fun? Beyond swimming skills and water sports, some quality pool tools can provide endless fun and entertainment. This article will introduce some very good and popular pool tools in the summer pool, so that you can spend an unforgettable summer.



1. Leisure and relaxation


1). Petal Lounge Chair Pool Floats


The most suitable way to relax by the pool in summer is to lie on a comfortable lounger and enjoy the sunshine and wind. Petal Lounge Chair Pool Floats are usually made of water-resistant materials and have adjustable angles and a comfortable backrest, allowing you to relax and soak up the sun.


Petal Lounge Chair Pool Floats


2). Swimming pool floating bed


Pool Floaters are ideal for ultimate relaxation and leisure. They are usually made of well buoyant materials such as air mattresses, bladders or foam padding. Lying on the pool float, you can indulge in the soaking and gently swaying sensations of the water for total relaxation.


Swimming pool floating bed


2. Children's entertainment


1).Water slide


Water slides are a popular choice among summer pools for families with children. These slides can be mounted on the edge of the pool or fixed in the water, making it even more fun for kids to play and frolic in the water. They are usually made of sturdy materials with non-slip surfaces to keep kids safe and fun.


2). Funnel water spray device


The funnel sprinkler is a popular play tool for children. By connecting to the pool water system, they create a large spray funnel under which children can play and frolic. This device can stimulate their imagination and increase their interaction and fun in the water.


3). Swimming ring


A swimming ring is an inflatable buoyancy device, usually made of ring-shaped rubber or plastic, used to help non-swimming or beginners maintain buoyancy and balance, and can also be used as a water toy for children.


Swimming ring


3. Aquatic sports and athletics


1). Water polo


Water polo is a classic water sport that is perfect for playing with friends in the summer. This dynamic game not only improves your swimming ability, but also develops coordination and teamwork. Choose a good quality water polo for durability and comfort.


2). Water volleyball


Water volleyball is another popular water sport. It requires a dedicated volleyball court and can use a float or net to define the boundaries. Compared to traditional volleyball, water volleyball requires more coordination and strength, adding to the challenge and fun.


4. Cleaning and maintenance


1). Pond cleaning tools


During summer, the pool needs to be kept clean and hygienic. Some pond cleaning tools, such as nets, vacuum cleaners, brushes, etc., can help you easily remove debris and dirt in your pond and maintain clear water quality.


2).Swimming pool cover


Pool covers are an important tool in maintaining your pool. It stops debris, leaves, and insects from entering the water, reducing water evaporation and chemical evaporation while maintaining a stable water temperature. Choose a cover that fits the size and shape of your pool for ease of use and durability.


In summary, summer is the golden season for swimming pools, and having the right pool tools can make your pool experience more enjoyable and memorable. From relaxation to kids entertainment to water sports and cleaning and maintenance, choose the right tools for you and your family to bring endless pool fun to your summer. If you have pool inflatable needs, please contact Kottoyi. Let's jump into the water and enjoy the coolness and happiness!