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What is the difference between a swimming ring and a lifebuoy


Summer is the most suitable season for swimming and playing in the water. Many people take their family or friends to the swimming pool or the beach, so friends or children who can't swim will bring swimming rings. In fact, many people don't know that swimming rings are different from life buoys. Swimming rings are not equal to life buoys. There is a big difference between the two. Inflatable swimming rings can generally only play an auxiliary or protective role in water leisure swimming pools, so swim as much as possible to choose foam lifebuoy rings or swimming rings with good materials, so as to better ensure the safety of yourself and your family. So, what is the difference between a swimming ring and a life buoy? How to choose a safe swimming ring?


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1. What is the difference between a swimming ring and a life buoy?


1).Different uses


The swimming ring has the characteristics of safety, hygiene and novelty, and is the best product for baby's fitness and games. It is cute in shape, fashionable in style, bright in color, easy to carry, and never gets tired of playing. It is the latest playmate for babies.


Lifebuoy refers to a kind of water lifesaving equipment, usually made of cork, foam plastic or other light materials with small specific gravity, and covered with canvas, plastic and so on. Life buoys for swimming practice can also be made of rubber and filled with air, also known as rubber rings.


2). Different weight


Swimming ring: It is a water toy, light in weight, easy to break, easy to leak air, poor in compressive capacity, and easy to burst.


Lifebuoy: It is a kind of water lifesaving equipment, the production process is complicated, and the requirements are stricter. The weight should be greater than 2.5kg. The weight of the lifebuoy equipped with a self-igniting smoke signal and a quick-throwing device attached to a self-igniting floating light should be greater than 4KG.




3). Different materials


The swim ring is just a water inflatable toy, it is made of plastic and cannot be used for life saving.


The core material of the life buoy is a closed-cell foam material, that is, polystyrene material, which is wrapped with glass fiber cloth, coated with three layers of phenolic resin, then wrapped with canvas and painted with several layers of paint. The body of the life buoy must have fluorescent strips to facilitate rescue.


2. How to choose the correct swimming ring


1). Pay attention to whether the swimming ring has a pungent smell. Those with a pungent smell may be made of low-quality plastics and contain chemical components that are harmful to the human body.


2). When buying a swimming ring, you can choose a product with multiple airbags and a separate inflation nozzle, so that even if one of the airbags leaks, there will be enough air support.


3). Reject "three noes" products and look for 3C certification marks. When buying a swimming ring, first check whether the swimming ring is marked with the manufacturer, manufacturer's address and contact information, production date, shelf life and other information, and whether there is a 3C certification mark.


4). Choose a swimming ring with smooth seams, thick material, and a sharp contrast between the color and the water surface; choose a soft and elastic swimming ring for the fabric, so that it can have a buffering effect when it collides and avoid injury.


The above is the "difference between a swimming ring and a life buoy". When we usually use a swimming ring, try to use it in a leisure pool. Don't use the swimming ring as a life buoy in a large lake or sea, so it is easy to find accidents and accidents. Danger.