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What material is the swimming ring made of?


Swimming ring is a kind of commonly used swimming tool, and swimming ring can make people float on the water surface, and allows people to float freely in water more safely. A good swimming ring has greater buoyancy and safety in the water, making people feel more at ease and safe. Therefore, when we buy a swimming ring, we must choose a swimming ring with a good material, so that we can swim freely in the water with confidence. So, what material is the swimming ring made of?


What material is the swimming ring made of?


How to choose a swimming ring?


Reject "three noes" products and look for 3C certification marks. When buying a swimming ring, first check whether the swimming ring is marked with information such as the manufacturer, manufacturer's address and contact information, production date, shelf life, etc., and whether there is a 3C certification mark; choose a swimming ring with smooth seams, thick material, and a sharp contrast between the color and the water surface The fabric should choose a soft and elastic swimming ring, so that it has a cushioning effect when it collides and avoids injury; when purchasing a swimming ring, you can choose a product with multiple airbag designs and a separate inflation nozzle, so that even if one of them Even if the air bag leaks, there is still enough air to support it. Pay attention to whether the swimming ring has a pungent smell. Swimming rings that emit a pungent smell may be made of low-quality plastics and contain chemical components that are harmful to the human body. So what material is the swimming ring made of?


The swimming ring adopts anti-leakage safety valve, anti-damage multi-airbag structure, and is made of medical-grade polychloride materials that meet hygienic standards, including material safety and non-toxicity, physical properties, and safety performance. Made of standard EVA material for medical devices. Recommended swim ring products>>>Glitter Flamingo Tube inflatables


The material of the inflatable swimming ring is relatively simple, most of which are made of ordinary PVC materials, most of which are made of ordinary PVC materials in China, and the better ones are 6P environmentally friendly PVC, which are mainly used for export!


In some swimming rings, the core material of the ring body is made of closed-cell foam material, that is, polystyrene material, wrapped with glass fiber cloth, coated with three layers of phenolic resin, then wrapped with canvas and painted with several layers of paint.


Toy inflatable swimming rings sold on the market must be marked with safety reminders such as non-life-saving equipment and children must be used under adult supervision. Be sure to check the signs and never buy three-no products. At the same time, you should pay attention when buying Request and save an invoice.


In order to avoid accidents, all inflatable swimming rings should not be over-inflated or filled with high-pressure gas. During carrying or inflating, do not come into contact with sharp objects. Do not use in deep sea or rapids. If it is placed for too long, the swimming ring will slowly degas, so pay attention to inflate it at any time. Keep your eyes open before buying a swimming ring. For swimming rings made of rubber inner tubes, most of these swimming rings are rough in texture and have long and hard valves. They are easy to cause damage to the skin and are not suitable for swimming rings.


Therefore, we try our best to choose swimming rings made of 6P environmentally friendly PVC and EVA materials, which are safer and more reliable. If you still want to know more about swimming rings, please contact Kottoyi pool inflatable mats Manufacturers, which is a professional manufacturer of various pool floats, pool inflatable mats, and solve the inflatable toys you need for swimming.